Workers Wasting Time On eMails


    Workers wondering where their time goes should look at how they manage eMails, says research by Robert Half. It found that nine per cent of the time chief financial officers (CFOs) spend on work eMail is wasted. While spam is the primary culprit according to 46 per cent of respondents, the research identified other distractors, including wading through rambling messages, being copied on irrelevant eMails, and receiving those that could be better delivered another way. The company suggests setting up eMail filters to handle junk mail and attempting to keep communication brief and succinct are a couple ways workers can control inbox distractions. In addition, it says people should be cautious about who they copy and use ‘reply all’ as a last resort. They should also exercise efficiency and brevity when sending eMail. Subject lines should be direct and to the point.