Weather Factor In Relocating


    Over the next several years, the first of Canada’s nine million baby boomers will find themselves deciding whether to stay in their homes, transition to a smaller place of residence, or relocate to another city or country. And, says a report from the BMO Retirement Institute, among the top factors that boomers stated as reasons to relocate upon retirement are weather (57 per cent), financial reasons (54 per cent), proximity to family and friends (45 per cent), and better access to healthcare/support services (35 per cent). Although downsizing may seem like a straightforward move, there are several factors to consider before making the decision. “Even if downsizing may be years away, it’s important not only to think about all of the factors that can affect your decision, but to maintain an open dialogue with your loved ones,” says Dr. Amy D’Aprix, BMO life transition expert. “Being proactive will help you remain in control, rather than having to deal with an unexpected move when you’re not prepared.”