Vacation Time Inadequate


    More than half of Canadian professionals (52 per cent) feel they don’t have enough vacation time, says a survey by Accountemps. However, it shows professionals plan to take an average of 11 vacation days this summer and 30 per cent plan to take more vacation days this summer than last year. Reasons some professionals aren’t reaping the full benefits of time off include worries about their colleagues absorbing their workload and concerns about the amount of work that would await them when they returned. As well, 36 per cent of workers admitted to checking in with the office at least once or twice a week while on vacation. Dianne Hunnam-Jones, Canadian president of Accountemps, says “Workers need to recognize that taking the time to unplug is essential for their own well-being, allowing them the chance to return refreshed and better motivated.” Managers should make their own vacation time a priority in an effort to encourage their teams to do the same.