Technology And Creative Knacks Pay


    Many people associate six-figure salaries with executive positions. However, those with a knack for technology and creative thinking can earn handsome compensation as well, says a study from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group, a staffing service in Canada. Salaries often top $100,000 for roles such as information architects, data security analysts, and user experience (UX) designers. The compensation levels are due to high demand for these professionals as organizations strive to enhance their digital presence and boost investments in information technology (IT) infrastructure. “Many of these in-demand jobs require a high degree of specialization, and oftentimes employers find it challenging to fill these roles,” says Lara Dodo, a regional vice-president of Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group. “Employers are prepared to compensate well for professionals with solid experience in areas such as enhancing and securing a firm’s online presence across multiple platforms or gathering and assessing business data.”