Stress Ranked As Top Concern


    A majority (85 per cent) of Canadian employers ranked stress as their top health and productivity concern, but employers and employees disagreed on its causes, say surveys by Willis Towers Watson. Employers and employees had two factors in common in their top three choices: inadequate staffing, which employees ranked number one and employers ranked number three; and excessive amounts of organizational change, which was ranked number three by employees and number two by employers. Opinions diverged after that. Survey results further reveal that employer opinions regarding key workplace stressors tended to fall into one of two categories: large organizational issues such as change and ubiquitous technology connections that can make employees feel that they are always on the job. In contrast, employees pointed more directly to specific elements of their personal work experience as key stressors. For example, they cited low pay as the second leading cause of stress, while employers ranked low pay as 12th on a 14-item list.