SRI Appeals To Younger Investors


    While plenty of investors are uninterested in socially responsible investing – 47 per cent of affluent investors do not have these investments in their portfolio – younger investors are embracing socially responsible investments: 25 per cent of investors under the age of 35 commit 25 to 74 per cent of their portfolio to these investments. The ‘Spectrem Perspective, Investor Perceptions of Socially Responsible and Impact Investing’ shows more than one quarter of all investors under the age of 45 have at least 25 per cent of their investable assets invested in socially responsible companies. Conversely, more than 45 percent of all investors over the age of 45 do not invest in socially responsible companies. Female investors are more likely to invest more heavily in socially responsible firms: 21 per cent of females invest 25 per cent or more of their assets in socially responsible companies, compared with 16 per cent of males who devote 25 per cent or more of their portfolios to socially responsible investments. The study shows the main reason investors support socially responsible firms is to create a better world for their children and grandchildren. Most investors who refuse socially responsible investments invest purely for financial gain.