SMBs Mix Business With Pleasure


    Small business owners mix business with pleasure, says Manta, an online community for small business. The survey shows one in four small business owners work with their significant other and nearly 60 per cent say they would recommend it. In fact, one-third of those polled say their family life and relationships have actually improved as a result of owning their business. However, that hasn’t extended into the bedroom. SMBs rank their sex life last in the areas of their life that have gotten better with business, saying their business and personal relationships are of higher importance. While small business owners’ sex life may be taking a hit, their personal relationships are thriving. Sixty per cent of the small business owners polled are married, nearly 10 per cent higher than the national average. Moreover, SMBs keep their relationships high on their list of priorities as 87 per cent value their personal relationships as much or more than their business and 80 per cent rank friends and family as the most important part of their life. Co-incidentally, couples who own a small business together say they argue most about work/life balance even more so than money, employee issues, and hiring.