Quality Top Criterion Of Luxury Brands


    Superior quality is deemed the essential characteristic in defining a luxury brand according to two-thirds of consumers, says a survey by the Luxury Institute. Quality is also the most widely-cited consideration in each of the seven countries where the global survey was conducted: the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China. The second most frequently cited defining characteristic of a luxury brand is superior customer service, called out by 54 per cent of respondents worldwide. Notable variations exist among countries, however, with a far greater percentage of affluent consumers in the UK (66 per cent) and U.S. (63 per cent) identifying customer service as a key element of luxury, compared to much lower percentages in China (34 per cent) and Japan (47 per cent). U.S. and UK consumers are also much more keen on luxury brands featuring superior design, a prerequisite for luxury that ranks third overall, and cited by 54 per cent of respondents globally.