Powered Flight Test For Spaceship Brings Dream Closer


    A spaceship bankrolled by British tycoon Richard Branson has made its first powered flight in a test that moves Virgin Galactic toward its goal of flying into space later this year. Going on this sub-orbital space flight has been designed so that (aside from the cost) most people can take the flight without intensive training or physical risks. Customers travel to New Mexico’s ‘Spaceport America’ for the flight. While the program has not been finalized as yet, future astronauts can expect three to four days of training and preparation prior to the flight. Multiple porthole windows on SS2 give passengers views of up to 1,200 kilometres in any direction. After about 20 minutes of gliding, SS2 will be back on the ground. To date, more than 500 aspiring space tourists (including 11 Canadians) have paid $200,000 or put down deposits awaiting their chance to go into space. In Canada, the Vision 2000 Travel Group has three of the handful of Canadians accredited to sell these flights.