No Clocking Out For CIOs


    There’s no clocking out for many chief information officers (CIOs), says a survey by Robert Half. Nearly half (47 per cent) of CIOs said they check in with work ‘often’ or ‘somewhat often’ on evenings and weekends. However, 30 per cent said they never check in outside normal business hours. “Many CIOs feel that part of their job is to check in after hours,” says Leslie Heathers, metro market manager at Robert Half. “As customers and end users may require technical support around the clock, many professionals in the IT industry feel it is necessary to be available in case any critical issues should arise.” To limit after-hours work for CIOs and their teams, they need to identify the ‘mosts’ so that when every project seems to be top priority they can focus efforts on those that will save the most money, grow the most revenue, or open doors to the most new business. They also need to be realistic about internal resources by understanding the staff’s workload, knowledge level, and experience.