Mercedes Adds Reclining Rear Seat


    The revamped Mercedes S-class comes with an optional 43.5 degree reclining back seat. The option was made available when Dieter Zetsche, chief executive officer of Daimler, felt the rear seat of a Mercedes-Benz S-class sedan prototype didn’t recline far enough. With wealthy consumers accustomed to sumptuous airline seats, he felt Mercedes needed to approach that level of comfort in its flagship model. “We have invested massively in the S-class and for good reason,” says Zetsche. “The S-class is for Mercedes what the port is for Hamburg, the ‘Mona Lisa’ for Leonardo da Vinci, and ‘Satisfaction’ for the Rolling Stones.” For back-seat sleeping, the front passenger seat slides forward to add legroom and the backrest slips into a recess illuminated by ambient lighting. A calf support swivels forward and a heel rest pulls out of the front seat. A hot-stone-massage function in the seat aids relaxation on long drives and a special air bag prevents slumbering passengers from sliding under the seat belt during an accident.