Markets Boost Investor Confidence


    Rising stock markets are boosting investor confidence and leading Canadians to increase the share of income they invest, says a ‘TD Investor Insights Index.’ The annual survey found that more than half of Canadian investors saw their investments improve over the past 12 months and nearly as many expect continued gains in the year ahead. As a result, Canadian investors now invest 14 per cent of their income, up from 12.6 per cent in 2013, with one in five investors planning to increase the proportion of income they invest if stock markets continue to improve. “Canadian investors have acted on the positive view of market conditions in Canada and the United States that they expressed a year ago by boosting the amount of money they invest in a small but significant way,” says Bob Gorman, chief portfolio strategist at TD Wealth. “With many investors expressing similarly positive views this year, we could see even higher levels of investment going forward.”