Managers Believe Trump Positive


    Despite some expressing concerns about a Donald Trump presidency before the vote, fund managers feel that this outcome will have an overall positive effect for themselves and for the industry as a whole, says a survey from Preqin. It found over half (53 per cent) of fund managers think that the effect of the election will be positive for alternative assets in the U.S., while just 12 per cent think it will be negative. By contrast, 25 per cent of fund managers think that the industry outside America will be negatively affected, with 22 per cent expecting a beneficial effect. The policy pledges that fund managers think will be most beneficial are the reduction in corporate tax (which 73 per cent of manager think will be positive) and proposed infrastructure spending (cited as positive by 62 per cent of managers). However, the majority of surveyed managers believe that withdrawing from trade deals will be negative, while 55 per cent believe that changes to the taxation of carried interest will adversely affect them.