Mackenzie Launches Fixed Income ETFs


    Mackenzie Financial Corporation has launched four fixed income exchange traded funds (ETFs), which will trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Each ETF takes a different approach to generate stable risk-adjusted returns for investors in the fixed income markets. The suite of funds consist of a core plus global fixed income ETF, which seeks to generate income, with an emphasis on capital preservation, by investing primarily in investment-grade fixed income securities denominated in Canadian or foreign currencies that are issued by companies or governments; an unconstrained bond ETF providing a positive total return over a market cycle, regardless of market conditions, by investing primarily in fixed income securities of issuers anywhere in the world and in derivative instruments; a floating rate income ETF seeking to generate current income by investing primarily in floating rate debt instruments and/or high yield debt securities of issuers located anywhere in the world; and, a core plus Canadian fixed income ETF to provide a steady flow of income by investing primarily in investment-grade Canadian government and corporate fixed income instruments and asset-backed securities with maturities of more than one year.