Investors Not Satisfied But Not Moving


    Today’s lower interest rates are taking a toll on investors who named income generation as their primary investment objective, says a CIBC poll. Forty-two per cent are not satisfied with the returns they are currently generating in their portfolios and only 10 per cent are completely satisfied with their returns. Despite the concern, there is strong resistance to change with 54 per cent of income investors in low-yielding products saying they are not considering moving funds and 52 per cent of that group citing ‘too risky’ as the reason. Steve Geist, president of CIBC Asset Management, says “As a result, they have stopped taking an objective look at their investment options and are simply parking their money in low-yielding products – but ones that often guarantee a return that’s less than inflation. In this new economic reality, Canadians need to review their portfolios for investments that will generate the income or return needed to meet retirement goals.”