Investor State Of Mind Examined


    Almost one-quarter of individuals who identify themselves as low-risk investors own ‘medium- to very high-risk’ products. Conversely, seven in 10 self-identified high-risk investors own ‘low- to medium-risk’ products, says ‘The Canadian Money State of Mind Risk Survey 2014.’ The Investor Education Fund study looks at how Canadians handle – or don’t handle ‒ risk, emotion, financial loss, and decision-making when it comes to their investments. It also found one-in-three Canadian investors had a major loss (at least 20 per cent of their investment value) in one year. Of those who had a major loss, 51 per cent stayed the course and didn’t change their investments in response. As well, just over half of investors have regretted an investment decision based on emotion, although most have done so only once or twice.