Investment Leaders Optimistic


    Canada’s investment industry leaders are optimistic about the outlook for capital markets and their individual firms in the coming years, says a survey by the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC). ‘IIAC 2015 Capital Markets Outlook: A Survey of Canada’s Investment Industry CEOs’ says 87 per cent of CEO respondents are forecasting status quo or improved conditions for global capital markets in the year ahead while 81 per cent share this outlook for Canada’s markets. “These results presage attractive opportunities for investors in the coming year, particularly given that our surveys of investment dealer CEOs have proven remarkably accurate,” says Ian Russell, its president and CEO. “In the two previous years that we have conducted this survey, the predictions of cautious optimism were borne out. It is reasonable to presuppose that the outcome for 2015 will confirm our findings.” Russell points out that the survey was undertaken before the collapse in oil prices and the related market decline, but as the latest market ups and downs show, the bad news of the past three months stands a good chance of being reversed. Additional grounds for optimism stem from the fact that 69 per cent of investment dealer CEOs are predicting their firm’s profitability will be up in 2015 – a substantial increase from the 48 per cent who forecast this last year.