Investment Goal Is Retirement Related


    Nine in 10 affluent investors in the U.S. ‒ those with $250,000 or more in investable assets ‒ say their most important investment goal is retirement related with 50 per cent intending to generate income and 41 per cent wanting to accumulate savings for their golden years, says a report from TIAA-CREF. Only five per cent say creating a legacy for their heirs is a top priority. Nearly two-thirds of these investors claim to be bullish on the economy and the most common investments within their portfolios are stocks (76 per cent) and mutual funds (73 per cent). Sixty-three per cent believe stocks present the best opportunity for growing their wealth, while 12 per cent favour real estate. Affluent investors are also more likely than the general population to seek help from an advisor, 60 per cent versus 39 per cent. More than half of affluent investors first met with an advisor before age 44, rather than waiting until they approach retirement.