Fund Increases Slip In September


    Thirty-six of the 42 Morningstar Canada Fund Indices decreased during September and 38 were in the red for the third quarter of 2015, including 14 indices that decreased by five per cent or more. Funds that focus on natural resources equities were the worst performers, for both the month and the quarter. The Morningstar Natural Resources Equity Fund Index decreased by 8.6 per cent in September, its fifth consecutive monthly loss. Funds in the Greater China equity category were flat for the month; the category’s fund index posted a modest 0.1 per cent decrease as market losses on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges were offset by the appreciation of Chinese currencies against the Canadian dollar. The best-performing equity fund index for the quarter was European equity, which decreased by 0.2 per cent. Funds in the category had middle-of-the-pack losses of two per cent in September and 4.7 per cent in August.