Ford Lincoln To Be Resurrected


    Ford Motor Co. will resurrect the Lincoln Continental as its top-of-the line luxury sedan, hoping the classic name will help rebuild the brand’s image in the U.S. and China. Ford retired the Continental name in 2002 and joined its rivals in using letter and number codes for most models. The Continental has been designed for both the U.S. and Chinese markets, which have far more similarities than differences according to Mark Fields, Ford CEO. He says the biggest difference is that Chinese luxury car buyers are often chauffeured, leading Ford to focus on offering a wide range of passenger amenities. The concept vehicle includes a backseat computer system, reclining rear seats, and ‘smart’ windows that turn opaque with a tap of the finger to reduce the temperature. The car debuts a new look for Lincoln with a grille and stance that lean more toward Jaguar or Maserati than Cadillac or BMW. This is the latest effort from Lincoln in a $2.5 billion renovation of the brand. The Continental is slated for release next year.