Executives Perform Better When Under Pressure


    Seventy per cent of advertising and marketing executives say their job is somewhat or very stressful, but nearly one-third (32 per cent) say the more stress they experience, the better their performance. Another 60 per cent report they thrive under some pressure, says research by the Creative Group. “Although feeling challenged at work can inspire action and propel decision-making among professionals, employees at every level ‒ and employers ‒ need to be wary of relying on pressure as a primary motivator,” says Deborah Bottineau, senior regional manager of the Creative Group. “Taking the time to recharge allows teams the opportunity to refocus their priorities without unnecessary stress and strategize new ideas to further business growth.” She adds, “Executives with years of experience handling stress shouldn’t take their own abilities to manage for granted. They must remain mindful of recognizing and supporting employees who may be struggling to handle work pressures. Checking in regularly to offer extra resources and guidance help ensure that employees remain productive, committed, and refreshed.”