ETFs Increasingly Important


    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are increasingly playing an important role in Canadians’ investment portfolios, with nearly one-third of Canadian investors (31 per cent) reporting they own ETFs, says an ‘ETF Pulse Survey’ from BlackRock Canada. The findings suggest this momentum is only expected to increase with a large proportion of ETF owners (93 per cent) and non-owners (38 per cent) surveyed showing an interest in purchasing ETFs in the next 12 months. While more than half of Canadian investors are planning on learning more in the coming year, of those that don’t currently own them, they are more than twice as likely to seek out more knowledge around ETFs next year, compared to the last 12 months. Investors are choosing ETFs largely to replace mutual funds (41 per cent) and/or individual stocks (45 per cent), to improve diversification (53 per cent), and reduce their risk profile (43 per cent).