Companies Must Think In Broader Context


    Sustainability not just about the environment and the impact of carbon footprints, says Kathy Bardswick, president and chief executive officer of the Co-operators Group Limited. In the session ‘Sustainability ‒ A Key Component to a Healthy Corporate Culture’ at the ‘CPBI Saskatchewan Regional Conference,’ she said companies need to think about it in a broader context ‒ healthy communities and an economy that is fair and just to all. To do so, they need to build a healthy culture which starts by asking “if you are truly living the company mission statement, do you take it to heart,” she said. And, they need to make sure employees know what it is and follow it. “You need to make your mission statement part of who you are and it has to drive decisions and tactics.” However, the task of doing so should not fall to human resources and, if it does, they need to resist. It starts with the CEO and is “owned by everyone across the organization. People are more engaged if they are brought into the strategy and can get their arms around it,” she said.