CEOs Pay Continues To Soar


    Just after lunch on the first official work day of the year, Canada’s highest paid CEOs pocketed what would take most Canadians all of 2014 to earn, says the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ annual CEO pay review. ‘All In A Day’s Work? CEO Pay In Canada’ looked at 2012 compensation levels for Canada’s highest paid 100 CEOs and found they pocketed an average of $7.96 million, a stark contrast from the average Canadian income of $46,634. Key findings in the review show compensation of Canada’s highest paid 100 CEOs continues to skyrocket, with earnings 171 times higher than the average Canadian income earner, up from 105 times more in 1998. E. Hunter Harrison, CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway, was Canada’s highest paid CEO in 2012, pocketing $49.1 million in 2012. The lowest paid of the top 100 CEOs earned $3.85 million.