Canadians Optimistic About Market


    Canadian investors are optimistic about the market and their ability to meet their financial goals, but a majority believe they can achieve their investment goals without holding stocks, says Franklin Templeton’s ‘2013 Global Investor Sentiment Survey.’ Canadian and American investors share a sense of optimism about the markets. In Canada, 60 per cent of investors believe their domestic stock market will rise in value this year as do 65 per cent of Americans. An overwhelming majority (81 per cent) of investors in both countries expressed optimism about reaching their financial goals. Yet, by comparison, only 69 per cent of European investors share the same optimism. However, this confident outlook is not yet translating into confident investing for Canadians. Half of Canadian investors indicated that they will be adopting a more conservative investment strategy in 2013, compared to less than one quarter (22 per cent) who will get more aggressive. U.S. investors are more evenly divided, with 39 per cent indicating they will invest more conservatively and 31 per cent planning to invest more aggressively. It also shows Canadian and U.S. investors have more confidence in their domestic markets than in either developed or emerging markets. Canadians allocated 71 per cent of their investments to their home markets and Americans allocated 78 per cent of their investments domestically last year, the highest levels of domestic investment in any surveyed region.