Canadians Are Research Investors


    Canadian investors like to believe that they invest based on research, not emotion, says a report from BMO Financial Group. It finds that 71 per cent of Canadians classify themselves as research focused investors and just seven per cent admit to being driven by emotion. However, it also says that only one-third of investors say they rely completely on research and just 28 per cent say that they are in control of their emotions at all times when investing. “In an ideal world, we’d base all of our investing decisions solely on rationality and research. However, we’re only human so emotions can often cloud our judgment,” says Mike Malloy, regional manager at BMO Nesbitt Burns. “The key to being a successful investor is to be self-aware when making decisions, understand what your risk tolerance should be, and have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the investing option you’re considering along with the overall market climate.”