Canadian CEOs More Confident


    Canadian CEOs are generally more confident of their revenue prospects and the economy in the short and longer term compared to their global peers, says PwC’s ‘Global CEO Survey.’ They say they are very confident about their company’s prospects over the next three years and they have a higher confidence level than their global counterparts (60 per cent versus 46 per cent globally). About half say they expect the economy to stay the same in 2013 while roughly a quarter expect some improvement. Last year nearly half of leaders said things would get worse in 2012 and few were expecting an improvement. Half of Canadian CEOs said that all of their staff is encouraged to get involved in strategic decision-making (compared to 31 per cent globally). CEOs also stay active in succession planning, with 85 per cent saying they are identifying multiple successors for their jobs. However, Canadian CEOs are less likely to provide global mobility and international experience opportunities to develop their leadership pipeline than other countries including the U.S., the BRIC economies, EU zone, and Australia. Only 39 per cent of Canadian CEOs use global mobility as a development tool, compared to the global average (61 per cent). Moreover, they were less inclined to say global opportunities are an effective way to develop their leaders.