Affluent Americans Shop Amazon


    Americans with lots of money are now shopping at Amazon, says the ‘Shullman Luxury and Affluence Monthly Pulse’ reports on the expectations, behaviours, and plans of adults among affluent consumers, the drivers of the luxury markets. Marketers and retailers need to start thinking about how they are going to compete with Amazon as it continues to penetrate these marketplaces, says the report, offering upscale consumers more shopping-related benefits such as Sunday deliveries. For example, 69 per cent of the adults in the $250,000+ household income segment have shopped there in the past 12 months, says the report. Sixty per cent of Amazon’s customers shop at Amazon at least once a month and, as household income increases, so does the probability of an Amazon customer’s shopping there (64 per cent of the $500,000+ household-income segment shop there once a month or more frequently).