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About Private Wealth Canada magazine

Private Wealth Canada is the national website from Powershift Communications Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. Published since 2007. Our editors are dedicated to providing financial and lifestyle planning information for senior executives at companies across Canada. Canada’s working wealthy are getting wealthier and the numbers are growing as these readers are the champions of their businesses. Driven to succeed at what they do, they use all kinds of financial services like banks, trust companies, investment and portfolio managers. They seek the services of wealth consultants, insurance companies, legal, and accounting specialists.

Our website is dedicated to informing Canadians seeking solutions that they can use to manage their wealth, enjoy a rewarding lifestyle, and better plan for the future. Our readers turn to the website for travel, transportation, alternative investments, safety & security, housing & vacation ownership, estate planning, and so many choices they make to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Should you wish to promote your business to wealthy Canadians … call us at 416-494-1066, or today.





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